Mothers Day Special – Living Through The Edge Of Bliss!

     It has to be a big sigh of relief for them who have their mothers by their side. They are lucky enough to have mother’s divine touch and are the ones who get to have their mom’s cooked food every day. Ever thought about the ones, away from home? Ever thought, how much they miss their closest friend, the best cook in the world and the best problem solver (all in one)? Emotions turn into wayward smithereens and this torment make us crave more for mom’s touch, her sound presence and relieving words. Mother’s Divine Touch

        This Mother’s day, why not think for those unknown fellow friends and make their mom also feel special? You need not splurge a huge sum of money for that. On this special day, not only delight your mum, but also surprise the mother, whose kid is away from home. Mothers day FlowersMay it be a neighbor, a relative or anyone, who you know. Buy some flowers for them. Surprise them with a beautiful set of flower bouquet. Just a wish is worth a gift. Wish your friend’s mom and get yourself bestowed with blessings divine.

For an instance, I happen to understand, what it feels like to be away from home and your best people. A telephonic call never fills the gap of sorrow, we feel. Take a small step to fill this gap. Also, a dash of humanity is never too bad, you know!

However, finding the gifts for them is always going to be difficult, since, you’re not aware of their taste. But there’s one thing, you can be sure of. Flowers, in that case are something loved by all.

Send her Flowers OnlineOrder a bunch of carnations, and who’s not going to like it? Spread happiness on this very special day for the person special in her own way.

You can set example for everyone by doing the most of the simple things. You need not have to learn rocket science to set that mark. Small gestures of kindness and fondness display a lot for people to learn from you.

So, how many bouquets are you ordering this Mother’s Day?

Author– Soumi Mukherjee


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